In our society, time is one of the most valuable things. If you ask anyone, people really care about their time. In fact, they want to manage it in the best way, trying to waste the least amount possible.

This is why it is absolutely shocking how, every year, people are not actually using 30 days of their time.

Research shows that the average time spent on social media a day is 2 hours and 22 minutes. Of course, this varies depending both on age range and country, as you can see in this graphic from Digital Information World.

In any case, you can check how much time you spend on social media directly on you’re apps or phone settings.

Now, without being precise to the minute, let’s just take 2 hours as a data.

If we calculate 2 hours by 30 days, it means that every month, the time spent on social media is equivalent to 60 hours. This means 2 and a half days out of 30. I think that’s crazy enough already.

But let’s think more in the long term. If we multiply these 2 hours by 365 days the result is 730. Curiously enough, the average amount of hours in a month perfectly matches this number, it’s 730.

This means, that every year people are spending a whole month scrolling or interacting on social media and messaging platforms. Every year, people deliberately invest one month of their time in this way. And bear in mind that the amount of time spent on social media increases year after year.

Now, in order to have a clearer perspective of things, let’s take into consideration the average hours of sleep. Something we need to do and we cannot skip. Let’s say 8 hours per night. 

8 hours by 365 days amounts to 2920 hours. If we multiply 730 (the amount of hours in one month) by 4 we get 2920. This means, that in one year, 12 months, we spend 4 months sleeping.

So we spend 4 months sleeping, think about the hours you spend commuting, watching tvornetflix, cooking or doing any kind of life admin. Of course, then there is the time you spend working, which not always reflects your aspirations or dreams. The remaining time, is not really much.

If you really want to zoom out and see this situation with an even broader perspective, think that in 12 years, you have spent a whole year on social media.

Do you believe it’s worth it spending 30 days every year on social media? If your answer is yes, that’s absolutely fine. The only thing that matters is that you are aware of what you are doing.

But if you are not sure, or this process caused something to click in your mind and made you worry, just think about it. How many things could you learn in 730 hours? Again, this corresponds to the total amount of hours in 30 days. Hours of light and hours of dark.

You could learn an insane amount of things. You could read lots of books. Really, you could make massive progress in anything you choose to. Maybe that language that you always wanted to learn, or that sport that you always wanted to try, that instrument that you wanted to play since you were a child. Think about it.

What will benefit you more in the long run? Investing in your self-development, connecting to yourself and evolving as a person or bombarding your mind with a crazy amount of irrelevant information?