Today I want to focus on something I find as much fascinating as compelling and impressive. I want to share my reflections about the incredible power of manifestation.

The thoughts we have build the circumstances around us. In fact, the situation in which we are right now, is the result of thoughts and actions that we have had in the past. Yes, it can be difficult to conceive, but this means that we have control over our lives. This means that we can actually go in the direction that we really desire. Finding a deeper connection with our inner selves, we can realise our dreams. We can find the path to follow what we really believe in.

Looking back at my life, there are plenty of occasions in which I was astonished from the magnificence of life. I was surprised at how incredible life was and how unbelievable things were happening just for a matter of “coincidences”.

Now, thanks to a different awareness, I realise that these were never coincidences, but connections of thoughts and energy. These situations that were unexplainable to me for their unlikelihood or queerness, were simply the manifestation of my strong thoughts. It was the result of me firmly believing in something. I was repeatedly thinking about it and visualising it in my mind, focusing upon it and adding as much detail as possible. The funny thing is, that I was doing all of this without even realising it.

Beginning To Manifest

I finally understood the power of manifestation in a precise moment of my life. After a few months in Thailand my trip was coming to an end. I felt lost since I had no idea at all of what to do with my life. I had recently finished university, and had then been experiencing the dream of training and living Thai Style for a few months. Unfortunately, this was finishing, and I had to come back to Europe. During this time I started to manifest what I wanted, even if I didn’t have a real clue. I didn’t even know which country I wanted to live in. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to train, fight, and find a job that would have allowed me to do so while covering all of my expenses.

That’s exactly what I have started to focus on. For the first time in my life, I manifested things intentionally. Everyday I was meditating and visualising things, trying to add more details, as much as I could. I was seeing myself training and fighting. I was thinking about myself living in a place that mirrored my personality, with the person I wanted by my side. As I already said, I did it on a daily basis, and even more important: I was truly believing in it, without doubting it for a second.

Today, after almost a year from that period, I find myself living in a lovely (windy) city by the sea. I live with the person I wanted to live with, and I found a job where I can book my own shifts and choose my working days and hours. Since I returned to Europe I have had three fights and I am now training in a very friendly gym where I feel at home.

The power of manifestation is real. You already know my motto is: control your body, control your mind. But today, I would like to add a third part: control your body, control your mind, control your life.