Ruben and Gemma are just wonderful! 

They trained me via Skype in Yoga and martial arts based fitness. Both of them are really humble persons with a big heart and they share such a big passion for what they do!!!

They gave me individual support, not only in training the body, but also in keeping a healthy mind. Working with them I’ve been able to connect more with myself, letting go stress and negativity. I’ve been able to maintain more focus and self-awareness.

Their individual, professional approach for my training was just outstanding.

I can totally recommend Ruben and Gemma if you want to become more active, healthier and just feel better.

Simon Burger

I have been training with Ruben over the last few weeks, as and when I am in Brighton for work.
Ruben is an amazing young man, he is different to other coaches I have met in the past : humble, patient, flexible and very skilled . He operates with heart, and his passion for the sport is contagious.
Ruben is also hugely accommodating, even when this means meeting at 6am by the beach for a session before work, or at the boxing gym. Nothing is too much trouble !
From complete novice to experienced boxer, you will thoroughly enjoy your session with Ruben, will feel completely at ease, and your fitness levels will improve very quickly.
Without hesitation, I can say that Ruben is one of the best around. Book a session and I promise you will not regret it , however don’t wait too long ..this man is going places, and will be fully booked in no time .

Chris Galant

Gemma is an excellent yoga teacher, especially if you are new to yoga as I was. She comes across as very passionate about yoga which makes her a great teacher. I feel very motivated after her classes and really look forward to the next one. I have noticed the positive effects on my body and mind.Working in a crowded place I used to be stressed once finished. But thanks to the techniques I’ve learned I am now able to slow down and calm my thoughts effectively.

Sandra Clark

I would like to share my wonderful experience with coach Ruben and his way of make a perfect combination of workout and Muay Thai exercises.

If you are new in this world there is no one better then him for patience and commitment and his great passion will make you fall in love with this noble art, the Muay Thai.

Sawasdee Khap and thank you Ruben  🙏

Alessandro Bizzarri

I’ve worked with this beautiful man. Been thinking about doing muay for ages and he gave me that final push to actually do it!

I think all the other reviews speak volumes about him as a person and as a coach! Much respect to you Brother!!!

Brian Wanyoike

Me and Ruben spent a full year living together in Seville. During that year, he was a mental and physical trainer for me, guiding me through a lifestyle change. We often talked about the importance of improving ourselves every day, and he made me realise that my lifestyle wasn’t matching my thoughts anymore. Even though my parents are still really active at age 55, I was super lazy. I was stuck in my usual routine of drinking beers, with poor physical and self-development habits.

I was inspired by Ruben’s deep sense of love for the body and mind, which awakened a new sense of love for myself. He was relentless in his training sessions and living with him made it so easy to be inspired by his passion and grit. The core of Ruben’s lifestyle, for what I saw, is based on practising with perseverance, doing something to improve your life every day, moving closer to the goal you set. With this mindset, Ruben helped me to see differently the importance of daily routine.

Practising physical activities has the greatest advantage of reflecting on your mental health. Along with physical training, we started to meditate and take time for our thoughts and our minds. Physical training alone is not enough to reach a real inner equilibrium. Introspective activities like Yoga, Meditation and Breathing techniques (Pranayama), offer you the chance to see outside the frenetic pace of daily life.

Besides his professional skills, Ruben is a very gentle and humble person. He also speaks 3 languages and if I had to choose his best quality, I’d pick patience. You will have a great time with him.

Jacopo Bortone

Gemma is a great yoga teacher. I always left her classes feeling both relaxed and strong and there was a great, non-judgemental atmosphere in the group. She made everyone feel welcome, and even though we all had different levels we all felt like we were getting better each week and we always felt challenged (but never completely out of our depth!). Outside of classes I also enjoy using her videos to practise, particularly the 15-minute energising one which is great to do in the morning! I would definitely recommend 🙂

Gwen Thomas

We were lucky enough to have Gemma to come to our workplace every week to run a yoga session. I had never practiced yoga before and Gemma has made me a yoga addict! I couldn’t wait for the sessions. She was great with beginners, but also gave tips for the more advanced. She includes a great mixture of relaxation techniques (great after a hectic work day) but also I could feel my body becoming stronger and more subtle over the year. I now use her 15 minute energising practice on youtube every morning. Gemma is a fantastic yoga teacher. 🙂

Sarah Morris

I’ve been practising Muay Thai for 9 years and I have known Ruben since we were kids. We share the same passion: Muay Thai. Since the beginning he proved to be determined to achieve his goals and to be passionate about this martial art. 

We used to help each other to keep up with our goals and to be consistent and dedicated. He has always shown patience and a will to improve, not just his fight techniques and body skills, but also his mind control and will power. He has developed major abilities through meditation, focus and self-development, and is definitely able to help others do the same. 

Another important quality is the commitment that he puts into whatever he does. If anyone wants to improve the condition of their body or learn how to control their mind, I suggest to contact him immediately. You won’t be disappointed because Ruben is a skilled, patient, respectful and easy-going guy that puts passion into whatever he does. 

I think that his method is suitable for everyone because it’s based on one’s specific needs and he works with you to achieve your goals step by step, without pressure.Ruben will help you to improve your lifestyle and feel more balanced and confident in your abilities and inner strength.

Nicolò Radice

Amazing atmosphere and great professionals. Definitely worth a try! 

Adri Alfonso

Gemma is such a great yoga teacher, she makes yoga fun and is brilliant with beginners to yoga like I was. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking at starting their yoga journey. 

Victoria Honeyman

Very accurate teaching skills, Ruben is able to explain you which are the weak points you need to master.
If you wanna learn Muay Thai I recommend you Ruben.

Kerlin Kociu