Martial arts is for everyone. Muay Thai is for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your age is or where you come from. If you haven’t started already, I urge you to start right after reading this blog post.

Different goals push people to undertake this path. The one who dreams to step into the ring and win a precious belt, the one who wants to be fit and is bored of the gym, those who want to discover the potential of their body and then those attracted by the charm of a foreign sport and culture. This is an activity which bring huge benefits to anyone who embraces it. This practice will connect your body, mind and soul.

By Training hard you will develop strength, stamina and technique. You will also understand the meaning of sacrifice and commitment. Getting fit is a natural benefit due to the high intensity of training. If you dream big, the effort you’ll need to put into this is enormous, to say the least.

Why should I start Muay Thai?

If you want to escape the usual routine and try something that offers you a different and engaging workout, then this is definitely the right choice. The possible exercises involved are countless, and to balance all the skills you need there are a lot of different supplement activities you can do. From running to swimming to yoga, just to say a few. Moreover, this practice will help you realise the importance of following a healthy lifestyle as well as a balanced and nutritious diet.

People attracted to muay thai for self-defense will completely discover a new world. These people will increase their self-confidence. In addition, by regular training, they may find their need to defend themselves is less so.

If learning a new culture is what attracts you to Muay Thai, this will not be let you down. There is a lot to learn: discipline, tradition and respect. When you understand the incredible popularity of Muay Thai in Thailand, you will realise the reasons that push Thai people to follow this path. Usually the chance of making money, avoiding poverty and supporting their families. These noble reasons help us to understand why Thai fighters once on the ring give literally everything they have. They fight until their body responds to their mind and beyond. This explains why they are among the most feared fighters of all.

Throughout the world, the reasons leading people to muay thai are different, but the feeling that people are seeking is one and the same: improving as human beings, helping themselves and helping others.