How many people struggle to find motivation to exercise? Developing persistence in a fitness regime is quite challenging in our society. It can be tricky, especially considering the amount of people who battle with their health & fitness.

Everyone knows that better health means better results, performance, productivity, relationships, mood, fulfilment and appreciation of life.

So why does this happen? Why do people lack motivation to exercise? How can you be consistent?

Our society forces us to live a crazily busy schedule, and our to-do-lists are always growing — every single day. Life is just getting busier and busier.


But is this enough to result in lacking motivation to exercise?

Somehow, people still find hours to watch TV, Netflix or play video games. People find hours to spend out drinking or partying, hours to go shopping or hours on social media.

The point is, if you want to find the time to do something, you know how to do it.
Nevertheless, people don’t find time to dedicate to their health & wellbeing.

I’m not saying that you should stop doing things that you enjoy. What I’m saying is that you might need to reorganise your ladder of priorities.

Taking care of your body, which means taking care of your health, is a TOP priority. If you struggle to keep up with your health & fitness, you need to work on your mind.

Yes. Work on your mind. The body is an instrument of the mind.

Body & mind are interconnected. Developing a strong and sharp mind will help you find persistence and motivation to train.

A clear mind is more likely to prioritise what is more beneficial for the body. The mind thinks for the wellness of the body as well as its own.

A trained mind can achieve anything, will listen to your real needs and will not look for instant gratification.

The mind is what differentiates us from other living beings. The mind is the most powerful tool. And it’s free!


Cultivate your mind today, harvest the fruits tomorrow.