When you decide to undertake a martial path, your life will change forever. I believe that when you stumble into something it is because it’s meant to be, and if you stumble into the martial world, you are a lucky person. Martial arts allows you to connect to your body, to better understand how it works, and finally, to control it thoroughly. As a result, you will start to observe your mind, get to know it and develop self-awareness. It is a long and challenging journey, one where you will never stop learning.

The initial effort is tough. Coordination and balance are skills that even the luckiest need to work a lot on. The movements you think you are going to do are then different from what you actually do. In the mirror in front of you, you appear clumsy. You get tired quickly. Now it’s even more difficult to think where to keep a certain limb when already focused on how to use another one.

There is something though, that  makes you keep trying. You might not know what, or why, you just feel it. It’s like a flame that burns inside you and reflects a sense of determination that probably you didn’t even know you have. Step by Step, you begin to refine your technique, to control the power and to find your own flow. You start to have fun, to automate the motions and to play with distances. Without realising it, you gain a clearer perception of the space around you. Therefore, you get addicted. Of course, It requires time and patience.

Benefits in your daily life

Something I find fascinating is how this better connection to your body mirrors in your daily life. Once you realise the greatness of the results you can achieve, you automatically build and strengthen self-confidence. Your level of concentration improves and you have a more perspicuous vision of situations around you. Practicing a martial art has a strong positive impact on your mood. For example, it helps you release stress and anxiety, especially in a busy society like the one in which we live. It increases your energy and ability to cope with everyday activities. In conclusion, you connect more with what you truly want, and reaching it seems within your grasp.

This awesome adventure gives you the chance to become a better version of yourself, to cultivate willpower, courage and resoluteness. Practicing a martial art is not just the effort of  going to the gym. It’s a whole process that leads you to a spiritual path, a path that will help you to find out who you are.