Bethaistyle is a platform which empowers people to get into the best shape of their life by cultivating a body-mind connection.

Bethaistyle was created by the fusion Ruben’s love for Muay Thai, Fitness and Self-Development with Gemma’s love for Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.

Combining these practices we have created a path that allows young, out of shape people who are feeling insecure and unworthy to cultivate confidence, strength and connect with their purpose in life.

Inside of Bethaistyle we strongly believe that you cannot build a strong body without developing a strong mind, and vice versa.


Ruben stumbled into the Muay Thai world around the age of 17. Since then, he found his purpose in life.

Before starting Muay Thai, he was a victim of insecurities, fears and anxiety, in particular the fear of judgement from others. Even though he tried different sports, he couldn’t develop any discipline or strength, both outside and inside.

Training has since become an essential part of his routine, and, not doing it, makes him feel incomplete.

The Muay Thai journey for him has never been only physical training. This has been a spiritual path which allowed him to connect more deeply with his soul and his inner self.

Combining this practise with Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation he found the balance he had been seeking for years.

Now he’s on a mission of mastering his body and mind. And helping others do the same.

Today he is a professional fighter who has studied this art, trained and fought in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK and Thailand (Max Muay Thai among other stadiums).



Gemma first found her love for Yoga and Mindfulness in 2014 and began teaching the practices in 2018.

She has studied, practised and taught in the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand and Cambodia.

Whilst travelling in Asia, her interest in Meditation and Buddhism lead her to study with Monks in Thailand.

As a teenager and in her early 20’s, Gemma suffered from deep insecurity around her body, looks and self-worth.

Until she found the path of Yoga, Gemma battled with negative self-talk, comparison to others and lack of self-confidence.

Through the practices of Yoga, Mindfulness, Self-development and Martial Arts, Gemma was able to break free from this insecurity, build her confidence and strength, and cultivate self-love.

This is the number one reason Gemma wanted to become a yoga and mindfulness teacher, to bring these practices to other young women who are in the same situation that she was in. 

Gemma’s purpose in life is not only to introduce this path and lifestyle to other people but to empower them to defeat their insecurities and transform their body.